Mark Fuller Associate Director, Higher Education @markhf76 It’s been a hectic time in the world of higher education, with a flurry of news that looks set to have a transformative impact on the sector. At the center of it all sits the White Paper 'Success as a knowledge economy: Teaching Excellence, Social Mobility and Student Choice' which sets out the [...] Read More →
Jordan Kenny Consultant The higher education sector (HE) is in (another) state of flux and transition. Those of us who work in the sector seem to have been saying that a lot for a good few years now. From the Browne Review and fee increase of the coalition years, to the REF, TEF and widening [...] Read More →
Mark Fuller Associate Director (HE) @Markhf76 In the short time since its publication the Higher Education Green Paper has already prompted a vast amount of analysis and discussion about the viability of the measures it proposes and the potential impact they will have on the sector. The higher education press and blogs have been ablaze [...] Read More →

In a recent blog on HE policy site WonkHE, Communications Management MD,  Justin Shaw highlighted our recent MP research (with Ipsos Mori) to explore what our current politicians think about the state of our education system and the big policy issues relevant to universities in particular. His blogpost is republished here. Through individual interviews with policy-makers […]

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